Our core business is the supply of auxiliary equipment and machinery used in the mining industry (e.g. steel cables, flat rubber roped, auto-piloted vehicles) and the supply of components and spare parts for mining equipment.

We trade with companies in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom and attract firms from other jurisdictions in order to offer its customers the required high – tech equipment and machinery.

We are always open for new opportunities and is eager to conduct business with those outside our regular partners. When dealing with larger projects, we can engage various experts and engineering firms that will be involved in assisting with various projects.

The main products we supply include:
  • Various ropes used in mine shafts
  • Flat rubber ropes
  • Various underground, auto-piloted vehicles (on wheels and rails), including parts, tools and accessories
  • Line cutting and packaging electrolyte cobalt
  • Power cables
  • Oils and creases
  • Titanium anodes
  • Limestone and ore driers
  • Spare parts for various mining equipment
  • Evaporating equipment and electrolyte solution cooling system by means of vacuum evaporation

We can also able to provide financial assistance in deals relating to the mining industry (dependant on various risk factors).

Further information on these particular services can be provided upon request.

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Lakatamia, Nicosia, Cyprus